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Model Unit Dimen sion WxDxH(mm)  Packing Dimension WxDxH(mm) Capacity(L)  Temperature(℃)  Cooling System  Door Sheif Loading QTY  40GP/HO
BC-130 600*520*900 650*580*1050 138 2-8℃ Vsentilated 1/2pcs 144 250-300
BC-129 600*520*860 650*580*890 130 2-8℃ Vsentilated 1/2pcs 216 250-350
BC-230 900*520*900 950*580*1050 208 2-8℃ Vsentilated 1/4pcs 96 250-300
BC-229 900*520*860 950*580*890 193 2-8℃ Vsentilated 1/4pcs 144 276-326
BC-350 1350*520*900 1400*580*1050 320 2-8℃ Vsentilated 3/6pcs 66 365-400
BC-349 1350*520*860 1400*580*890 300 2-8℃ Vsentilated 3/6pcs 99 358-400
BC-230Y 900*520*860 950*580*1050 208 2-8℃ Vsentilated 2/4pcs 96 260-310
BC-229Y 900*520*860 950*580890 193 2-8℃ Vsentilated 2/4pcs 144 250-300
BC-350Y 1350*520*900 1400*580*1050 320 2-8℃ Vsentilated 3/6pcs 66 377-427
BC-349Y 1350*520*860 1400*580*890 300 2-8℃ Vsentilated 3/6pcs 99 377-427

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Door type: Hinge door

Cooling system: Ventilated


Isolation material: Cyclopentane




Top inner Fan
-With fan-forced circulation for even temoerature maintenance.

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Cleaning shovel
Plastic cleaning shovel,no dirty hands, easy to clean uo residue and frost.

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Double layer hollow tempered glass


--Tempered, Low-E, heating film, silk screen,on your choose

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Side LED Lighting

-LED lighting beautifully brightens virtually every corner of your refrigerator so you're able to quickly spot what you want.

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Removable and Slide-out Shelves --With varying bottle capacities let you customize vour storage.

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TOP LED Light Box

--Your logo and design can be printed on top advertising LED light Box.

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Universal Wheels with Brake --Four universal wheels with brake let you move the showcase easily.

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Removable door seal
--Strong suction to avoid loss of air-conditioning

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Copper condenser and evaporator -Anti-corrosion, long durability, high performance.

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