35-Fish Fridge with Mist Sprayer

Short Description:

Model GK0.25H GK0.4H GK0.5H GK0.7H
Size with end panel,mm 1410*1150*900 2035*1150*900 2660*1150*900 3910*1150*900
Display areas,m2
CTemperature Range,C -2~5 -2~5 -2~5 -2~5
Net volume,L 170 250 330 500
20GP 8 4 2
40HQ 18 8 6

Best showcase for salmon and japanese food.
All open-style showcase.
Reliable and effcient refrigeration techonlogy significantly
reduces energy consumption and running costs.

Product Detail

Top 3 one stop supermarket refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China

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1. Danfoss World famous Top 5 compressor with reliable system brings lower noise and heat.

2. Digital temperature controller ensures better temperature control and energy saving.

3. Aluminum - fin copper tube evaporator, high efficiency, long service life, easy to maintenance.

4. This opening series is mainly used to display cooked food, meat,fruits and vegetables, beverages, easy to self service ,grab&go.


5. The return air inlet is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion caused by long-term contact with moisture.

6. Protect bumper, In the maximum ,to avoid the collision from shopping cart or other mobile subject,supply the biggest protection to the showcase,multi colours chould be chose.

7. Option Night Curtain,Save energy,ensure the foods safety and hygiene.

8. Price Tag providing clear data for your product.


9. The rear counter design is more convenient for clerk's work.

10. Honeycomb air outlet, Better cooling effect than normal air flow.

11. Horizontal display design: Horizontal display effect design, with special light for fresh meat is more perfect for fresh meat display.


12. Large capacity, large display area, good display effect.

13. Electrostatic spraying, wear and corrosion resistant smooth spraying.

14. High pressure injection polyurethane foaming, heat preservation and energy saving.

15. High quality air duct design, so that the temperature in the cabinet more uniform, low food dry consumption.


16. Humanized sloping glass design, anti-extrusion, anti-condensation, easy to look inside.
17. Optional:Stainless Steel bottom or Deck, Easy to Clean,No to Rust.
18. High quality exterior box material,  easy to clean ,hard to wear.
19. The key parts of international famous brands are selected to make the product run more stable and reliable.


20. Deluxe model is equipped with hollow glass aluminum alloy front, stainless steel laminate, beautiful and energy saving.
21. The all-in-one machine adopts supercooling technology, energy saving, portable and stable.
22. Suitable for display of high-end fresh salmon.
23. Luxurious appearance, large display area, can maximize the display effect of food.


24.New high efficiency refrigeration system, more uniform temperature, lower energy consumption.
25.The interior adopts double layer design, can hold more goods, make the whole look more beautiful.

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