24-Island Freezer-Big Windows(Glass Side Panel)

Short Description:

  • Model: ZD18A02-U ZP14A02-U ZP21A02-U ZP25A02-U
  • Dimension(mm): 1870*875*835 1470*875*835 2115*875*835 2502*875*835
  • volume: 420L 350L 500L 600L
  • Glass doors Quantity: 2 2 2 3
  • Basket Quantity: 5 4 5 5
  • Feet Quantity: 6
  • Rated power: 560W 510W 570W 690W
  • Energy consumption: 8.6KWh/24h / 9.0KWh/24h 9.6KWh/24h
  • Certification: CE / ROHS
  • temp. range: ≤-18℃
  • Product Detail

    Top 3 one stop supermarket refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China

    Product Tags

    • Panel:C-P, 80mm
    • Defrost:Automatic
    • Refrigerant:R290/R404
    • Evaporator/Condenser:Copper Fin Type
    • Voltage / Frequency:220-240V/50Hz
    • Compressor:SECOP
    • Electronic controller:Elitech
    • FANS:EBM
    • Light:LED
    • Net weight:142Kg 110Kg 151Kg 160Kg
    • Loading(20ft):12 14 12 8
    • Loading(40ft):24 28 24 16
    • Loading(40ft)-3in1:36 42 36 24
    • FOB Price US$/set:
    • Payment:T/T , 30% deposit in advance , 70% before shipment
    • Lead time:3~4 weeks upon receipt of advance payment.
    • Warranty:One year for whole machine , 2 years for compressor
    • Remark:Quotation will be valid within 50 days

    Product Features

    1. Imported compressor;
    2. Air direct cooling two-in-one refrigeration technology, so that there is no blind zone in the cabinet refrigeration, and the system is more energy-saving;
    3. Multi-layer partitions can be freely combined, and the angle can be adjusted to meet different display effects;
    4. The use of microcomputer digital thermostat makes the temperature control of the items in the cabinet more accurate, and the system is more energy-saving;
    5. Standard LED tube.

    Technical specifications

    Model ZD18A02-U
    Size Without End Panel,mm 1870*875*835
    Width Of End Panel,mm 80
    Display Areas,m²
    Temperature Range,°C ≤-18
    Climate class N-ST
    Net volume,m³ 420
    Cooling system Static Cooling System
    Defrost Automatic
    voltage,frequency 220V / 50HZ
    110V / 60HZ
    Refrigerant R404A
    Internal Light LED
    Model ZD18A02-U
    20'Max Load 12
    40’HQ Max Load 24
    Price range1 $1,522.00
    Price range2 $1,395.00
    Price range3 $1,269.00
    Product parameters
    Model ZD18A02-U
    Dimension(W x D x H) 1870*875*835
    Weight ( Kg ) 152
    Display Areas,m²
    Temperature Range,°C ≤-18
    Volume/ L 420
    20' Max loading 12
    40HQ' Max loading 24


    High-efficiency compressor,more eco-friendly and energy saving.
    Fully Freon-free design , environmental refrigerant and C-P insulation.
    Wide voltage range , wide climate class.
    Cabinets could be combined freely according to your store space.
    Microcomputer temperature controller, led temperature indicator, automatic defrost, more accurate and efficient.

    12-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    It depends on the thicker inner material, which is more durable.
    The protection bumper adopts the soft upper, hard bottom design, and the bottom plate material is aluminum alloy.
    Standard 6000K LED light belt,  individual switch with refrigeration's,free control seperately.
    LED lighting not only energy saving,but also have best visibility while display interior merchandise.


    Equipped with foot margin, elastic and strong in supporting.
    World famous compressor with reliable system brings lower noise and heat.
    Used to show  ice cream,sea foods,  and various frozen foods etc.


    Embossing aluminum foaming interior box,better stickup with evaporator.Compare with the flat inner box,it's  easy to bubble,and seperate from the foam box.
    Price tag.
    multi flexible combination options,put alone, as a line or as island.


    Optional non-cold shelves for commodity display.
    Frame slider/glass door slider, glass door translation easily and freely.
    It can be used with power supply by the store because of plug-in.
    Transparent tempered top glass, adopting low-e technology to save energy and never frost to ensure foods hygiene.


    Large handle,easy to push and pull the door.
    Sliding glass top,easy to look the inside frozen merchandise.
    Regular auto defrost,more volume and energy saving,better frozen effect,avoid to scrach the interior box body.
    Evaporator and condenser are copper tube, easy to connect, not easy to oxidize, high durability.

    18-island freezer-dusung

    All copper evaporator and condenser the same material with compressor connectors,well connect toghter,to prevent the split from compressor's virbration.
    6 laps of evaporator and condenser,better cooling effect.
    70mm thickness of the box.


    Big windows 70% presentation bigger than the classic model, 6000K LED light with individual switch push-up glass top, easy-open for kids and senior.


    The opening of the exposed heat dissipation system is 17% larger than the classic model, and the heat dissipation performance is better.


    Push & pull glass door design, even the elderly and children can easily get the goods.


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