Commercial Refrigerator Display For Fruits And Vegetables

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 20000 Sets per Year
  • Port: Qingdao,China
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, O/A
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    Top 3 one stop supermarket refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China

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    Commercial Refrigerator Display For Fruits And Vegetables

    commercial refrigerator display



    Features & Benefits:
    The appearance is round and the design is novel and beautiful.
    Circular design reduces collision of shopping carts
    The bottom is equipped with anti-collision bars, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by collision.
    The front opening is low, the opening is large and the volume is larger.
    The technology is more mature,so no return glass, The display effect is better.
    Compared with Panasonic, the excuse is small, and the work is more careful and exquisite.

    Model HLF18AM38159 HLF25AM38159 HLF37AM38159 HLF18AM38159 M0
    Dimension(W x D x H) 1875*920*1560 2500*920*1560 3750*920*1560 2120*1060*1560
    Weight ( Kg ) 220 280 340 340
    Display Areas,m² 4.22 5.66 8.75 2.58
    Temperature Range,°C 2~8 2~8 2~8 2~8
    Volume/ L 710 940 1420 460
    20′ Max loading 6 4 2 6
    40HQ’ Max loading 14 8 6 13




    Highly optional, with two heights of 1350 and 1500.



    The evaporator and condenser with pure copper have a longer service life.



    Q:Could you offer other ITEM except FOB?
    A:Yes,we could offer DDP(to door)price and service if you could offer the delivery address.

    Q:Are your products could run in 110V/60HZ?
    A:Yes 220V/50HZ,110V/60HZ all is ok for your demand.

    Q:What type of refrigerant do your refrigerators use?
    A:All our refrigerator(more than 80%)uses either 404A or 134A(20%) environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

    Q:What is the distance between your mutildeck?
    A:All of the shelves in our products are adjustable to suit your needs.

    Q:Can I use my logo?
    A:Yes, we accept customers’ logo for OEM order.

    Q:Can I make an order with mixed product?
    A:Yes, we accept the MOQ( minimum order quantity) is one piece one set one unit.

    Q:Can I customize the products?
    A:Yes, please contact us for the details if your order is long term and big enough.

    Q:What type of equipment does DUSUNG REFRIGERATION sell?
    A:supermarket refrigeration equipment,mini store refrigerator,island freezer combo,island refrigerator jumbo,combination reachin coolers, combination reachin freezers, glass door coolers, glass door freezers,commercial refrigerator,freezer commercial,etc

    Q:What about your payment terms?
    A:We prefer T/T and 30% as deposit,balance in account before ship.L/C or OA is acceptable subject to the extra Bank charge and 1% interest/30days.

    Q:What makes DUSUNG REFRIGERATION better than other commercial refrigeration companies?
    A:Unmatched quality, custom sizes, ability to meet special requirements, short lead times and ease of installation.

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