Beverage Cooler Easy Remote Cooling System

Short Description:


Modular independent refrigeration unit, more convenient for detachable maintenance

Double glass frame aluminum alloy double Low-E full-length handle door body, the appearance design is more neat, the item shows clearly and intuitively

4 story adjustable shelf for all sizes

Stainless steel tray design for easy cleaning and finishing

Simple and Easy to Operate Filter Filter Mechanism

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 20000 Sets per Year
  • Port: Qingdao,China
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, O/A
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    Top 3 one stop supermarket refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China

    Product Tags

    Independent cooling system,easy to remove, replace or repair.

    Compressor,evaporator,condenser,over all in one .

    Product Features Store display
    Temperature range (° C) : 2-8 ° C
    Modular independent refrigeration unit for easy maintenance
    Double low-e full-length handle door body with frame aluminum alloy
    4 layers adjustable shelf + stainless steel tray
    Simple and easy to operate filter screen
    Universal caster with brake
    Corrosion resistant shell and tank
    Thermostat with lamp switch, digital display
    Internal LED lighting
    Adjustable thermostat
    Double tempered glass
    4 one way caster +2 adjustable foot
    Expansion evaporator + fan assisted refrigeration
    Wire tube condenser + fan for auxiliary heat dissipation


    Technical specifications
    Model SC-600 SC-900 SC-1400 SC300A
    Show the figure 1111  2222  4444 SC300A
    Unit size (with sign box),mm 756*755*2220 1094*755*2220 1640*755*2220 450*720*1850
    Display areas, ㎡  0.71 0.96  1.45  0.58
    Temperature Range,℃ 2-8°C 2-8°C 2-8°C 2-10°C
    Net volume,L 594 894 1383 300
    Body Color White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black
    Packaging 40′HQ LOAD  45 32   21  70
    Weights KG  163 212   251  87

    lcg1 (1) lcg1 (2) lcg1 (3) lcg1 (4) lcg1 (5) lcg1 (6) lcg1 (7)

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